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Sermon of Ghadir (Selected Sentences)


  1. I listen to His command, obey Him, proceed towards whatever pleases Him, and submit to what He decreed, longing for His obedience and fearing His punishment

  2. Certainly, He, the most holy, the most high, has guaranteed for me protection, and He is Allah, Who is sufficient and bountiful.

  3. Thus, He revealed to me: “In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. O Messenger! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord—regarding Ali Ibn Abi Talib and his leadership—and if you do not, you have not conveyed His message at all, and Allah shall protect you from people.”

  4. O people! I have never been neglectful of conveying what Allah, the exalted, sent down to me, and I shall now explain to you the reason behind the revelation of this verse.

  5. Verily, Gabriel came down to me three times giving the order of my Lord, Who is the security (of the believers)[1], that I should stand in this scene and inform everyone, white and black, that:

  6. Ali Ibn Abi Talib is my brother, my deputy and the executor of, my successor, and the leader after me,

  7. whose position to me is like that of Aaron to Moses except that there shall be no prophet after me,

  8. and that he is your guardian after Allah and His messenger.

  9. Only your guardian is Allah and His messenger and those of the believers who establish the prayers and pay the charity while they bow down."

  10. Ali Ibn Abi Talib kept alive prayers and paid charity while bowing down in ruku’. He intends (the pleasure of) Allah, the mighty and the majestic, in all situations.

  11. I asked Gabriel to plead to Allah, the security to excuse me from conveying it to you, O people

  12. due to my knowledge on the fewness of the pious, the numerousness of the hypocrites,the corruption

  13. and the treachery of the sinful, and the trickery of those who ridicule Islam,

  14. those whom Allah described in His book as: “They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts,”[1] taking it lightly, while it is a grave matter in the sight of Allah

  15. and due to their annoying me on many occasions, so much so that they called me “ear”, claiming I am so because of Ali’s frequent attendance in my presence and my attention to him

  16. And of them are some who annoy the Prophet and say: He is an ear (for accepting what he hears, particularly from Ali).

  17. Say: One whom you call ‘ear’ is best for you; He believes in Allah, safeguards the believers, and is a mercy for those of you who believe. And for those who harm the messenger of Allah, there shall be a painful torment

  18. Had I wished to name those who have called me so, to point out towards them, or to lead to them by their signs, I would have done so

  19. Nevertheless, Allah is not satisfied with me until I convey what He has sent down to me”

  20. Then, the Prophet (PBUH) recited: “O Messenger! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord—with regard to Ali—and if you do not, you will not have conveyed His message at all, and Allah shall protect you from ”

  21. O people! Know that Allah has assigned him as a guardian and a leader for you

  22. whose obedience is obligatory for the immigrants, the helpers, and those who follow in goodness

  23. and for everyone, whether nomad or city resident, Arab or non-Arab, free or slave

  24. young or old, white or black, and for every monotheist.

  25. His decree is to be carried out, his saying is sanctioned, and his command is effective

  26. Cursed is whoever opposes him, blessed with mercy is whoever follows him, faithful is whoever acknowledges his.

  27. Indeed, Allah has covered him and those who listen to him and obey him with mercy and forgiveness.

  28. O people! This is the last stand I make in this gathering;

  29. Thus, listen, obey, and submit to the command of your Lord

  30. for Allah, the mighty and the majestic, is your master, then, Muhammad, who is now addressing you, is your master

  31. Then, after me, Ali is your master and your leader by the command of Allah, your Lord

  32. Then, leadership shall be in my progeny, within his offspring, until the Day you meet Allah and His Messenger.

  33. O people! There is no knowledge except that Allah has kept its account in me

  34. and I have recorded the details of all the knowledge that I was taught, in the leader of the pious.

  35. Certainly, there is no knowledge except that I have taught it to Ali, and he is the evident Imam whom Allah mentions in the Chapter of Yasin: “... And We have kept the detailed account of everything in an evident Imam

  36. O people! Do not stray from him, nor should you flee from him, nor should you refuse his guardianship and his authority

  37. for he is the one who guides to truth and acts upon it, and crushes falsehood and proscribes it, accepting no blame, in the path of Allah, from any blamer.

  38. He was with the Messenger of Allah when no one among men worshipped Allah in the company of His Messenger other than him.

  39. O people! Prefer him, for Allah has indeed preferred him, and turn to him, for Allah has indeed appointed him (as your guide).

  40. O people! He is an Imam authorized by Allah, and Allah shall never turn to anyone who denies his authority, nor shall He ever forgive him;

  41. this is a decisive decree by Allah that He shall do so to anyone who opposes His command about him, and shall torment him with the most painful torment, which lasts forever and ever

  42. He who doubts this, is indeed a disbeliever, with the disbelief of the early era of ignorance.

  43. And he who doubts anything of what I have said this, has doubted all that has been revealed to me

  44. and anyone who doubts us, shall be in the Fire

  45. O people! Prefer Ali , for he is the best of the people, men or women, after me so long as Allah sends down His sustenance and (and so long as) the creation exists.

  46. Under curse and again under curse, under wrath and again under wrath, is he who rejects this saying of mine and does not does not agree

  47. Anyone who bears enmity against Ali and refuses his authority, for him shall be My curse and My wrath.”

  48. Thus, every soul should look to what he has sent forth for the morrow. Be watchful of Allah lest you should oppose Him and (your) foot should slip after its stability. Verily, Allah is well-acquainted with that you do

  49. O people! He is “the side of Allah” that is mentioned in Allah’s Book

  50. for by Allah, none shall be able to explain to you its warnings and its mysteries,nor shall anyone clarify its interpretation, other than the one that I have grasped his hand, brought up beside myself, [and lifted his arm

  51. the one about whom I inform you that whomever I am his master, this Ali is his master

  52. and he is Ali Ibn Abi Talib, my brother, the executor of my, whose appointment as guardian and leader has been sent down to me from Allah, the mighty and the majestic.

  53. O people! Indeed, I am leaving amongst you two weighty and precious things that if you adhere to both, you will never go astray

  54. Verily, Ali and the pure ones among my offspring are the lesser weight, and the Quran is the greater weight.

  55. Each one informs about the other and agrees with it. They shall never part until they return to me at the Pool .

  56. Behold! They are the trustees of Allah amongst His creation, and His people of wisdom on His earth.”

  57. O people! Who has more priority over you than yourself?” People said: “Allah and His messenger.”

  58. Then, he (PBUH&HF) said: “Behold! Whosoever I am his master, this Ali is his master. O Allah! Stay firm in supporting those who stay firm in following him, be hostile to those who are hostile to him, help those who help him, and forsake those who forsake him

  59. O people! This Ali is my brother, the executor of my, the container of my knowledge, my successor over my nation, and over the interpretation the Book of Allah, the mighty and the majestic, and the true inviter to its.

  60. He is the one who acts according to what pleases Him, fights His enemies, causes to adhere to His obedience, and advises against His disobedience.

  61. Surely, He is the successor of the Messenger of Allah, the commander of the believers, the guiding Imam, and the killer of the oath breakers, the transgressors, and the apostates.

  62. O Allah! Be the guardian of him who adheres to him. Be the enemy of him who bears enmity against him. Curse him who rejects him. Be wrathful towards him who denies his right.

  63. Indeed, I have now fulfilled. Indeed, I have now conveyed . Indeed, I have now made hear . Indeed, I have now clarified

  64. Indeed, there is no commander for the faithful save this brother of mine, and it is not permissible to call anyone other than him with the title of “the Commander of the Believers” after my departure

  65. This day, I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and was satisfied that Islam be your religion

  66. You said, “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never shall it be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he shall be one of the losers

  67. O people! Allah, the mighty and the majestic, has indeed perfected your religion through his

  68. Thus, whoever does not follow his example and the example of those of my children from his loins who will take his position until the Day of Judgement—when deeds are presented before Allah, the mighty and the majestic they are the ones whose deeds become vain and fruitless, and they shall be in Hellfire forever.

  69. O people! This is Ali, who has been my greatest aid, the most worthy of you before me, the closest in relation with me, and the dearest to me amongst you.

  70. O people! He is the patron of the religion of Allah, and the one who argues on behalf of the Messenger of Allah.

  71. Your prophet is the best prophet, the executor over you is the best executor and deputy, and his sons are the best deputies.

  72. O people! The progeny of every prophet was from his own loins whereas my progeny is from the loins of Ali.

  73. Indeed, none hates Ali but a wretched person, none keeps himself attached to Ali but a pious person, and none has faith in his but a sincere believer.

  74. Behold! Ali is surely the one described with patience and gratitude, so are after him my offspring from his loins.

  75. O people! Allah gave me the commandments and the prohibitions, and I gave them to Ali by the order of Allah. Hence, the knowledge of all commandments and prohibitions are with him.

  76. O people! I am the Straight Path of Allah whom He commanded you to follow

  77. and such after me also is Ali, and then my offspring from his loins, the Imams who guide with truth and turn to it

  78. In contrast, their close adherents are, indeed, ones who fear their Lord in secret; for them is forgiveness and a great reward

  79. O people! Behold! I am a warner and Ali is a guide

  80. O people! I am a prophet and Ali is the executor of my.

  81. Know that the seal of the leaders from among us shall be the Qa’im, the Mahdi

  82. Behold! He is the elite of Allah, and Allah is his chooser.

  83. Know that he shall be the remaining proof (of Allah), after whom there shall be no proof

  84. He shall be the authorized representative of Allah on His earth, His judge over His creation, and His trustee in His secrets and in what He made evident.

  85. O people! I have, indeed, explained for you and made you comprehend, and it is this Ali that shall make you comprehend after me.

  86. Notice that at the end of my sermon, I shall call upon you to shake hands with me as the oath of allegiance to him and the recognition of his authority, and to shake hands with him afterwards.

  87. I have, indeed, sworn allegiance to Allah, and Ali has sworn allegiance to me

  88. and anyone who fulfills the covenant he has made with Allah, He shall soon grant him a great reward

  89. O people! Establish the prayers and pay the charity as Allah, the mighty and the majestic, commanded you.

  90. Therefore, I was commanded to take an oath of allegiance and a covenant from you in accepting what I brought you from Allah, the mighty and the majestic, regarding Ali, the Commander of the Believers, and the executors after him who are from me and from him,

  91. Remember death, reckoning, the scales, and the call to account within the hands of the Lord of the worlds, and the reward and punishment.

  92. O people! The Quran informs you that the Imams after him are his descendants, and I have already informed you that they are of me and of him,

  93. and Allah, the mighty and the majestic, commanded me to take verbal recognition from you regarding what I finalized about Ali, the Commander of the Believers, and about the Imams from me and him who shall succeed him, based on what I informed you that my offspring are from his loins.

  94. “We heard, obeyed, are satisfied, and are submitted to what you have conveyed to us from our Lord and your Lord with regard to the authority of Ali, the Commander of the Believers, and the authority of the Imams from his loins.

  95. You advised us on behalf of Allah regarding Ali, the Commander of the Believers, and the Imams after him that you mentioned to be of your offspring from his descendants (who are): al-Hasan, al-Husain, and whomever Allah shall appoint after them.

  96. The covenant and the pledge are taken from us, from our hearts, our souls, our tongues, our minds, and our hands.

  97. O people! Be mindful of Allah, give your oath of allegiance to Ali, the Commander of the Believers, may Allah’s blessings be upon him, to al-Hasan and al-Husain, and to the Imams

  98. and anyone who fulfills the covenant he has made with Allah, He shall soon grant him a great reward

  99. O people! Say what I told you, and greet Ali with the title of “The Commander of the Believers.”

  100. O people! Whoever obeys Allah, His Messenger, Ali, and the Imams that I mentioned, has indeed achieved a great prosperity

  101. O people! The foremost from among you in paying homage to him, accepting his guardianship, and greeting him as “the Commander of the Believers” are the winners of the gardens of bliss.



One Sermon, One Nation, One Saviour


The Sermon of the Holy Prophet at Ghadir Khumm is a guide for the whole Nation. Injustice and tyranny will be eliminated by the One Saviour who will bring peace and tranquility to this world by following these commands.

Have you played your part in conveying the message of Ghadir as per the Holy Prophet’s instruction?

“Certainly, I have just conveyed what I have been ordered to convey as an argument against everyone, be he present or absent, a direct witness or not, and already born or not. Hence, everyone who is present should convey (this sermon) to those who are absent, every parent should convey it to his/her children, (and they should continue to do so) until the Day of Judgement.”

— Extract from the last public sermon of Prophet Muhammad’s (ص) delivered at Ghadir Khumm

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