HSEF Classes


What is HSEF?

Hidden Sun Educational Foundation is a Shi’a charity registered in the UK.

What does HSEF do?

HSEF is primarily an educational organization with the objective to help Shi’a youngsters learn the teachings of Ahlul-bait (as) and spiritually connect with Imam al-Mahdi (as). We also run events a few times a year, with the objective to promote the belief of Ahlul-bait (as) amongst our wider community.

When did HSEF start its activities?

The initial group started their activities in early 2014. It started with one class for men and one for ladies. Since then it has grown in the number of classes

Are you affiliated with any Marja’?

No. HSEF is run by its members, and although strongly promotes the following of Maraji’, it is not affiliated with any specific scholar. We do have permissions from a number of Maraji’ to use Khums for our activities.

Where do you hold your events?

Events are held in various places. In the past, we have been to Al-Khoei Mosque, Islamic Centre, Hussaini Mission, etc.

Do you have any political agenda?

What binds us together is the love for Ahlul-bait (as) and the service of our Imam (as). Although individuals may have their own political views, the focus of our activities is to teach and promote the core and fundamental beliefs, Ahkam and ethics.

Who runs HSEF?

HSEF is run by a group of Shi’a brothers and sisters, from different backgrounds and different origins.

Are you an Iranian organisation?

No. We are a British Shi’a organisation.

Who of the scholars supports HSEF activities?

Our events have been attended by many of the UK Ulema in the past. Ayatollah Milani has been aware of our activities from the very beginning. Sayyid Khoei, HI. Alemi, HI. Sa’eed Khalkhali are all close to our organisation and can vouch for our classes.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are brothers and sisters who themselves have been to our classes and are now giving back to their community.

What is the cost for joining the classes?

All our members are unpaid volunteers. They teach and support the classes as their duty to serve the Imam of our time (as). Our events are usually paid for through donations by individuals who have been to these events before, or from the regular donation by our members.

Where do you hold your classes?

North West London

How do we register for a class?

Please fill in the form above and one of our volunteers will get in touch with more information.