Three quick deeds to perform on Eid al-Fitr


With Ramadan coming to an end, it is an opportunity to wrap up this month with a great Eid al-Fitr and ask Allah for the acceptance of our actions during this month. Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important Eids celebrated by all Muslims across the world and on the day we can perform 3 quick actions to make the most of it (there are few more, please refer to Mafaatih al-Jinaan for more details). There are compulsory actions such as Fitriyah and other recommended actions such as the Eid Prayer.

One: Ghusl: Just as any other important religious occasion on the calendar, Ghusl is one of the recommended acts we can do and to attain Allah’s pleasure. The timing for this is from the time of Fajr until the time of Eid prayer.

Before the Ghusl recite the following:

اللهم ایمانا بک و تصدیقا بکتابک واتباع سنة نبیک محمد صلى الله علیه و آله

After Ghusl recite the following:

اللهم اجعله کفارة لذنوبی و طهر دینی اللهم اذهب عنی الدنس

Two: Nicely Dressed: Just like any other Eid, we are recommended to wear nice and clean clothes on this Eid, weather performing the prayer or not. We will be hopefully visiting friends and family and would be best to be in peak conditions.

Three: Imam Hussains (a.s) Ziyarah:  One of the most rewarding acts of the day, it could be a simple greeting towards Karbala (1 minute Short Ziyarah) or Ziyarah of Ashura which could be slightly longer (15-20 minutes).

Have a lovely Eid and may Allah accept all our prayers and our Imam of the time be pleased with us.

Hidden Sun Educational Foundation

Ramadan 2015